A New Collaborative Universe Unfolding:

Paris 01/03/22 – VISORE X, a Paris-based curated fashion platform, is breaking ground in the early stages of its marketplace launch. Building its universe with collaboration at the heart, it has hit the ground running with renowned multidisciplinary artist, Gab Bois, to produce the first of its content.

Published earlier last month, this is the first of a series of VISORE X collaborations. Fast building herself as a force within the creative industry, Gab Bois bends the norms of fashion, art, technology, and youth culture to produce content designed to make you take a second-look. The Canadian born multidisciplinary artist crosses the boundaries of standard reality, and explores the ways in which objects can be manipulated and reproduced.

VISORE X, has partnered with Gab Bois to co-direct content for the latest collection of the Parisian footwear brand, Virón. As a vegan, environmentally driven, and eco-conscious brand, the collaboration between the three is the perfect example of forward-thinking players, within the creative industry, coming together to produce unique, explosive content. Karim Coppola, Founder and Creative Director of VISORE X, comments: ‘This project presents an exciting beginning on a long-awaited journey of collaboration. For us, working with Gab Bois on such multidisciplinary engineered content will show the future of luxury fashion and creativity. We have curated images that will warp current perceptions on how fashion should be advertised, and will redefine limits for the use of art within the industry.

The VISORE X Universe is slowly unfolding, and we are extremely excited to present it to you.’  
6 images will be curated by Gab Bois featuring the unique vision of both herself, and VISORE X. This will be presented alongside a video campaign for Virón created and executed by VISORE X.

VISORE X acts as a matchmaker between brands, artists, and agency, and looks forward to continuing its trajectory and expanding its universe. This is just the beginning of its collaboration with Viron while also establishing other long-term partnerships with a range of artists.


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